On Oct 5th, 2020, Sanitas launched their BluaU app, a novel, innovative digital health product allowing users to monitor their general wellness and connect remotely with health care professionals. With the integration of Anura™ technology, BluaU allows users to take vital sign measurements (including heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure) with a 30-second video selfie. These measurement results can be shared with a health care professional as additional information to aid that professional in their assessments and decision making. If in doubt, the users can connect with a health care professional immediately using BluaU’s video consultation service which gives the user access to Sanitas’ network of over 3,000 health care professionals across 35 specialties. Read more from Sanitas.

Sanitas is the second largest medical insurance company founded in Spain, 1954, with revenues of 2,097 million Euro in 2017. Sanitas has 2.8 million health-insured, with access to 40,000 medical professionals, 4 owned hospitals, 180 dental clinics, 20 multi-specialty medical centers and 16 wellness centers globally.