A different kind of AI company

At NuraLogix we’ve brought together neuroscience, psychology, physiology and Deep Learning to produce an Affective Intelligence engine that can detect, measure and analyze human affects in the form of physiological and psychological states.

Our Products

Your personal health AI

Anura™ is an app that transforms your smartphone into your personal health AI. It uses the power of our cloud based DeepAffex™ AI engine to measure your psychophysiological stress level and other physiological signals by using your phone’s built-in video camera. Anura’s primary goal is to help people better manage stress.

Affective Intelligence Engine

DeepAffex™ is a cloud based affective intelligence engine that we developed to process facial blood flow information extracted via a conventional video camera. It uses a technique called Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI™) along with advanced signal processing and Deep Learning based models to detect, measure and analyze human affects. These include: heart rate, psychophysiological stress, blood pressure, breathing, emotional valence, individual emotions, bio-signals and much more. DeepAffex™ is intended for use by third party developers and researchers alike to add affective intelligence to their products, develop their own apps or conduct scientific research.