The ‘Healthy Selfie’ Arrives in Korea as

NuraLogix®‘s Contactless Health Monitoring Platform Anura®

Makes its Debut at World IT Show    

Facial blood flow patterns unlock a wealth of health data

(SEOUL, South Korea April 17, 2024) –NuraLogix, a global pioneer in Affective Ai™1, is showcasing its Anura® platform for the first time in Korea at World IT Show 2024. Anura® is a leading-edge platform that uses conventional video cameras to extract facial blood flow information to accurately predict a host of vital signs and health risk assessments. Using only the ubiquitous mobile and desktop devices already in the hands of billions of people, Anura® opens new doors for health measurements that go beyond the restraints of sensors and medical devices.


Anura® is hardware agnostic and can be easily incorporated with most existing health solutions, helping a wide range of industry partners to develop proactive health solutions that can help impact the lives of employees, customers, and patients. Anura is being showcased at the NuraLogix booth CK101 throughout the World IT Show in Seoul.

The Healthy Selfie

Anura® is the world’s first and most comprehensive video-based contactless health monitoring solution that can measure vital signs and provide health risk assessments using mobile and desktop devices. Unlike smartwatches, health trackers, and rings that track blood flow through light sensors, Anura® can do so with a video selfie. You can see it in action here.


The entire Anura® platform is powered by NuraLogix’s patented Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI®) technology, a novel form of Remote Photoplethysmography (rPPG). It automatically detects a person’s face, identifies key regions of interest, and extracts blood flow information that is combined with powerful AI data models developed from tens of thousands of patients with multiple health conditions. 

Results are delivered within its intuitive app, showing information on dozens of health parameters* such as pulse rate, breathing rate, and cuffless blood pressure. It provides health risk assessments for some of the most prevalent chronic conditions, including Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, and Mental Health.  


“We are excited to finally bring Anura® and our roaster of products to Korea, one of our strategic markets in Asia,” said Kenneth Cheng, Director of Sales, Asia Pacific, at NuraLogix. “Our technology uses any video-enabled device to assess general health parameters and transforms the way chronic diseases are identified, managed, and prevented. We are paving the way to a world where health vitals are easily monitored to help improve global health outcomes.”

Anura Telehealth
Anura Magic Mirror

To date, NuraLogix provides a roster of industry-leading solutions leveraging the company’s powerful Affective Ai platform each pertaining to different specific use cases. Other than Anura®, there is Anura® Telehealth, which enables real-time assessment of vital signs during video consultation sessions with physicians, as well as Anura® MagicMirror, the first device ever manufactured by NuraLogix, designed to provide convenient health check-ups virtually anywhere.


NuraLogix’s Anura® is used by over 100 top companies in healthcare, insurance, consumer electronics, and transportation to power health programs for businesses and consumers. Its capabilities include:

Vitals/Physical Indexes

·       Blood Pressure

·       Cardiac Workload

·       Pulse Rate

·       Breathing Rate

·       Irregular Heart Rate

·       Heart Rate Variability

·       BMI

·       Body Shape Index

·       Waist-to-Height Ratio

·       Facial Skin Age


Mental Health

·       Mental Stress

·       Depression Health Risk

·       Anxiety Health Risk


Metabolic Health Risk Assessments

·       T2 Diabetes Risk

·       Cardiovascular Disease Risk (10 yr)

·       Heart Attack Risk (10 yr)

·       Stroke Risk (10 yr)

·       Hypertension Risk

·       Hypercholesterolemia Risk

·       Hypertriglyceridemia Risk

·       Fatty Liver Disease Risk

·       Elevated Blood Glucose Risk

·       Elevated HbA1C Risk



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About NuraLogix  


NuraLogix is a pioneer in the development of Affective Ai and the creator of the world’s first contactless blood pressure measurement technology. The company’s patented cloud-based Affective Ai Platform- DeepAffex can measure over 100 health and wellness parameters using a conventional video camera and its patented Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI) technique to extract facial blood flow information from the human face. This is demonstrated in the company’s groundbreaking Anura® app. 



1 – Affective Ai is the intersection between Affective Computing and Artificial Intelligence. It is the ability to recognize, measure, predict, and simulate human affects that take the form of physiological and psychological states using AI-trained models.


*In the United States, this product is for Investigational Use Only. The performance characteristics of this product have not been established.