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NTT Data Selects NuraLogix

DailyMail UK 2021-01-16
Outlandish new gadgets are unveiled at the world’s biggest tech show

MobiHealthNews 2021-01-15
The devices, software and health tech headlines of CES 2021

Biometric Update 2021-01-14
Biometric wearables unveiled at CES

Politico 2021-01-13
Consumer tech for the times

Anura™: World’s first app allowing for contactless blood pressure measurement, without the need for cuffs or other wearables
The Sentiment 2020-06-15
MyFiziq to partner with NuraLogix on smartphone app to screen COVID-19 symptoms

Forbes 2020-05-05
Colombiano está desarrollando herramienta para detectar coronavirus desde el celular

Bloomberg 2019-09-18
Your Selfie Can Tell if You’re Stressed
CBC News Toronto 2019-08-21
Blood pressure monitoring could be as simple as a selfie, Canadian researcher says

Globe and Mail 2019-08-14
Toronto researcher developing selfie-based blood pressure monitor

CBC Toronto 2019-08-14
CBC Toronto News August 14, 2019
CityNews Toronto 2019-08-09
Selfie health check

DailyMail 2019-08-08
Blood pressure video selfies could be used to monitor patients

Forbes 2019-08-08
How an iPhone video selfie could measure your blood pressure

Xinhuanet 2019-08-06

Blood pressure monitoring could become as easy as taking video selfie: study

WebMD 2019-08-06
‘Selfies’ Might Someday Track Your Blood Pressure
BNN Bloomberg 2017-10-13
AI arms race: A lifestyle shift

U of T News 2017-03-24

Could your face be a window to your health? U of T startup gathers vital signs from video