• Anura general wellness released globally with new features:

    • Irregular heartbeat

    • Breathing

    • HRV

  • Released COVID-19 self-assessment tool

  • 2 US patents registered


  • Anura exhibited on CES Asia: 5,000+ visitors experienced Anura in 3 days

  • Research papers published:

    • Smartphone-Based Blood Pressure Measurement Using Transdermal Optical Imaging Technology on American Heart Association’s Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging

    • Measuring Blood Pressure: from Cuff to Smartphone on SpringerLink

  • 3 US patents registered

  • 30 seconds Health Check released in China:

    • Heart rate

    • Blood pressure

    • Stress

    • CVD risks

    • Demographics

    • Overall health score


Research papers published:

  • Transdermal Optical Imaging revealed different spatiotemporal patterns of facial cardiovascular activities on Nature’s Scientific Reports

  • Transdermal Optical Imaging reveal basal stress via heart rate variability analysis: A novel methodology comparable to electrocardiography on Frontiers on Psychology

  • DeepAffex™ - Affective AI Engine released

  • Anura™ - Heart rate + Stress released on app store


NuraLogix is founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Marzio Pozzuoli
Chief Executive Officer
Toronto Canada
Dr. Kang Lee, PhD.
Chief Science Officer
Toronto Canada
Phil Levy, P. Eng.
Chief Technology Officer
Toronto Canada
Dr. Paul Zheng, PhD.
Chief Researcher
Toronto Canada
Chris Lin
Chief Marketing Officer
Toronto Canada
Chris Parkes, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Toronto, Canada
Michael Keefe
VP of Global Sales
Toronto Canada
Ed Ellsworth, B.Sc., M.Sc.
Director Global Regulatory Affairs and US Business Development
California, United States
Dr. Hu Jun, PhD.
General Manager (China region)
Hangzhou China
Prof. John Cockcroft
Scientific Advisor
New York, United States