Our growing DFX Studio™ suite of desktop applications, including Live, Xplore, Play and Health, meet the requirements of various enterprise application scenarios.

Live performs real-time extraction of facial-blood-flow (FBF) using an attached camera, transferring measurements to DeepAffex™ and displaying all physiological results such as: heart-rate, breathing cycle, stress, SNR, etc..

Xplore provides you more abilities to customize templates, interfaces and export reports that benefit market research, media analysis, gaming, security, EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) and any applications where Affective AI can provide never before possible insights.

Play can be used to analyze past videos to detect how people were feeling emotionally, physiologically and psychologically at the time.

Health is a desktop version of our Anura app that allows you to be aware of yours and others' vital sign seamlessly.

The DFX Studio™ desktop apps are supported on Windows and Mac OS.