With our Affective AI technology, you can measure many health indicators for you and your family from the convenience of your home, using just your smartphone.

Anura™ can measure:

• Heart rate

• Irregular heart beats

• Breathing rate

• Blood pressure

• Heart rate variability

• Stress level

• Cardiovascular disease risks

According to Dr. Mohammed Qadura,  Department of Surgery, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto:

"Adopting this technology has several benefits. Firstly, it minimizes the exposure of our frontline hospital staff to people who are possibly carriers/infected with COVID, ensuring they themselves remain healthy. Secondly, through implementing this contactless technology at hospital entrances, we can potentially lower the transmission rate of this virus by limiting the “human-human” interaction. Lastly, since this technology runs independently and is time-efficient (<45 seconds), it considerably reduces the number of staff and time needed to screen at hospital entrances."

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